Just Adopted a Stray Cat? 3 Ways a Vet Visit Can Help

Adopting a stray cat can be a great way to give a home to a cat that was otherwise living on the streets. While many stray cats are quite friendly and can easily adjust to living indoors, it's important that you don't simply bring one indoors and expect it to be a great fit right away. In order to make sure that your cat is healthy and will be able to adjust to your new home, it's important to schedule a visit to the vet for the following reasons.

Make Sure the Cat Doesn't Have an Owner

While a friendly stray cat may seem like it has no owner, there's always the chance that it is simply lost. Many cats have microchips, allowing you to go to the vet and get a scan done to check if the cat has any owner. Getting in contact with a cat's previous owner can be a great opportunity to reunite a cat with its true owner. If your vet checks for a microchip and doesn't find one, take the opportunity to have a microchip installed, since it can help return the cat back home to you.

Get the Cat Treated for Fleas

One of the most important things you should focus on when adopting a stray cat is getting it treated for fleas. Fleas and other parasites can be a real problem for stray cats since it's unlikely that they've had any flea treatment done in the past. Visiting a vet can help you get the cat checked out for fleas or other issues, such as ticks and other parasites.

Getting treated for these parasites and looking into preventive measures can help make sure that your cat doesn't bring these kinds of pests indoors.

Check for Any Major Health Problems

When you bring your cat to a vet clinic, the vet can make sure that the cat doesn't have any major health concerns. It can be so reassuring to get a clean bill of health after deciding to adopt a stray. Getting your cat thoroughly checked can also make sure that if they are sick or injured, they can get the pet care they need.

When you've decided to adopt a stray, it's so important that you make sure that they're in good health. When you're adopting a stray rather than a cat from a typical shelter, you'll likely have much more concerns due to a lack of medical care in their past. Keeping the above services in mind can make sure that you're able to make sure that the cat is as healthy as possible.