3 Pet-Friendly Tips For A Spooktacular Halloween

Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, the holiday can be a dangerous and anxiety-provoking time for pets. As the holiday approaches, there are ways you can keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Be Mindful Of Harmful Food

Some common foods pets should not eat include chocolate, artificial sweeteners, raisins, and coffee. These ingredients are of particular importance around Halloween because they may be found in different types of candy or gum. Dogs may be especially vulnerable to ingesting human food, because they may consume food they find dropped on the floor or around the neighborhood. Although dogs are often believed to be less finicky than cats, it is best to err on the side of caution and assume your pets will taste anything if given the opportunity. At the end of Halloween night, be sure to keep any potentially harmful foods in a place where your pets cannot reach them.

Keep A Watchful Eye Over Black Cats

Although there is no truth to the stereotypes associated with black cats, there remains people who believe they are bad luck, and some may go as far as specifically targeting black cats around Halloween. This is one of the main reasons adoption agencies often halt adoptions of black cats around Halloween. Ideally, all cats should be indoor-only pets, but this is not always possible if you happen to form a bond with a feral cat or take care of a colony of cats. When possible, try to coax these cats into your garage by offering food or treats. At minimum, provide a place for them to hide, such as a shed in the back yard. Keeping your yard well-lit may also discourage anyone who has bad intentions from trying to lure a cat away.

Know Your Pet's Temperament

Whether you host a Halloween party or only give out candy, pets will react differently to all the commotion. If you will host guests at your home, try to reserve an area for your pet that is as quiet as possible if they are easily fearful around noise or many people. An upstairs bedroom or bathroom is usually an ideal place or if your home only has one floor, try to keep your pet in a room furthest away from the action. When handing out candy, even friendly dogs can be overly-excited when there is someone at the door. This can be intimidating to visitors who are not familiar with your pet. If your dog will not stay away from the door when trick-or-treaters knock, it is best to keep them in another room until the night is over.

If you are joining in with Halloween festivities, there are ways to keep the night fun while being mindful of your pet's needs and safety. Even if you are not celebrating, it is important to what potential dangers may lurk during that time of year. Contact a vet hospital, like Animal Emergency Clinic, for more help.