Boarding Your Dog For The First Time? 4 Tips To Help You Avoid Problems

If you're going on an extended vacation, and you can't take your dog with you, it's time to choose a boarding facility. If your dog has never spent time away from you, it's important that you take some extra steps to ensure a pleasant stay. Before you leave your dog, here are some simple steps you can take to prevent problems.

Visit the Vet

When you check your dog into a boarding facility, you need to make sure that it's in good health before you leave. You don't want health issues to pop up while you're gone. You also don't want to leave it unprotected against infectious diseases. Before you're scheduled to leave, make an appointment to have your pet checked over by the vet. Make sure that your dog is current on all its vaccinations and that the vet gives it a clean bill-of-health. If there are any health concern, be sure you take care of those before you leave on vacation. If your dog is on any prescription medications, make sure you have plenty on hand for while you're gone.

Arrange for a Trial Run

If your dog has never been left behind before, and you're going to be gone for more than just a few days, you should arrange a trial run first. Check your dog into the boarding facility for an overnight, or weekend stay. This will allow you to see how your dog adjusts to the change of scenery. It will also give your dog time to familiarize itself with the new caregivers. While you're there, watch how your pet interacts with the staff. If you see problems, you'll have time to locate an alternate facility.

Send Something Familiar

If your dog suffers from anxiety when it's away from you, it's a good idea to send something familiar with it to the boarding facility. Packing a favorite blanket or play toy will give your dog something to cuddle up with. For best results, send one of your old shirts along. Your dog will be comforted by your scent.

Avoid Switching Locations

Once you find a boarding facility that you and your dog are comfortable with, try to avoid switching locations. Your dog will become confused if you switch care providers too often. If you have questions or concerns about leaving your dog, be sure to speak to the staff at the boarding facility you've chosen. 

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