What You Can Do If You Have A Grumpy Cat

Just like people, cats can go through mood swings. The good news is that most of the things that cats make upset, anxious, or lethargic can be fixed. If you notice a change in your cat's demeanor, it is your job to investigate this and find out if you can help. Here are four common issues that can bring out the grumpy in your cat, along with ways to make them happier.

1. Get Your Cat in the Vet for a Checkup

Sometimes an unexpected change in your cat's mood or behavior might actually be health-related. It is worth it to get your cat into the veterinary hospital for a checkup if they haven't had an exam in over a year. Sometimes a change in diet or another diagnosis can be a quick fix to help get your cat back on track and in better spirits.

2. Use Calming Chews and Sprays

Some cats are just overly anxious. If you have just moved into a new home or have introduced a new child or pet to the family, these changes can cause cats to act out. This can come out in behaviors such as overgrooming, crying, and even aggression. Calming pheromone sprays and homeopathic chews have been known to lower cat's stress levels and might help them adjust to changes around them.

3. Assess Interactions With Kids and Other Pets

If your cat is anxious, angry, or overly shy, there might be other interactions in your home that causing your cat to react. Be sure to watch your cat's interactions with other pets and your kids. Make sure that your cat isn't being bullied by other pets, which you can correct, or overstimulated by kids with too rough of playtime.

4. Evaluate Your Cat's Environment

You might want to have all of your cat's things together, but putting a litter box right next to a food bowl might not be appealing to your cat. If your cat doesn't have a place they can retreat to that is quiet and safe, this can cause anxiety as well. If your cat is having accidents outside of their litter box, ask your vet about your litter and box choices as they might have other suggestions.

Many times, a grumpy cat's behavior is stemming from an illness or something else around them. Be sure to take the time to make sure that your cat is as happy as they can be. There will always be those cats with a little attitude, but the hope is that your cat is living a stress-free, healthy life first.Talk to a vet, like Providence Veterinary Hospital Inc, for more information.